Monday, November 5, 2018

#EVIDENCE Window #EMF Attacks with #WATER!

Neat hack, we thought to share :) 

Evidence #EMF terrorist attacks into your home or office: 

1. Locate most likely windows being used by the perps to beam you; 
2. Place steam onto the windows; 
3. Notice any pattern(s) that emerges on the window; 
4. Take a pic/video of 3. 


Ways to get #Winning with #HackTheTorture!

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4 Read AND *contribute* https://kune.cc/#!htt.wiki 
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Send it to family and friends, anyone who doesn't want to get tortured by the FOURTH REICH ON STEROIDS!

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Let's hang #gangstalkers they're #terrorists

RATIFY THE TREATY: http://itnj.org 

Let's hang #satelliteterrorism terrorists, they're terrorists too!

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