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For me, the barrister-Brit campaigning to get this problem understood to exist, and understood since 2012 (10,500 pages; 10 x's 'War and Peace'!) plus publishing the summary site you're reading now, having survived four whole years persecution by GCHQ in this programme I suspect as disclosed by Edward Snowden and suffering a weeks brutal DEW/Mind Control torture plus a 'Thunderbolt' assassination strike from space from a DEEP STATE NAZI CELL *and* getting re-involved at the highest levels (see here BIG IT UP FOR THE BOYS 'n' GALS @  THE GAZETTE Heroes of the American Revolution ALL; and to this journalist specifically, my profound eternal thanks) syndicated into the US Military's very own newspaper Stars and Stripes here (I'm the Brit mentioned) and with the result USAF (now US) Space Command is sending help out worldwide here ... 

It's been a long road, and oh so many of us didn't make it to live to see this day. But here we are!!

Via #PACTS email newsletter: #TargetedIndividuals
"Tuesday, March 10, 2020
Greetings, everyone.
Incredible news! Some thought they would never live to see the day that someone would investigate our claims, however that day has arrived and an investigation into our issues is now underway by the United Nations!
I've just now received the above news from Liliana DeLucca-Connor who has been in constant contact with Magnus Olsson as he represented the TI community recently in Geneva, Switzerland for the most recent session of the United Nations Human Rights Council, which began on the 24th of February and runs through March 20.
Magnus who has recently met privately with the UN Rapporteur on #Torture, Nils Melzer, is in constant consultation with him as Mr. Melzer's team of lawyers and investigators begin their work of investigating organized stalking and electronic harassment - now termed "#cybertorture."
"Cyber" is in reference to 'cybernetics' which studies the interconnection between computers and living organisms, hence the term, 'cybertorture,' which fits perfectly and efficiently with all that is happening to members of our community in my opinion.
Magnus has suffered horribly himself with life-threatening attacks on many occasions for years due to the abuse of remote torture technologies,and is now in the process of assembling a team of consultants from the United States and elsewhere as he shuttles information to the UN Rapporteur and his investigators to assist them in their work.
Liliana DeLucca-Connor who was a key player in bringing all this together plans to join us this Saturday at our Saturday Night Podcast to discuss the latest developments and answer your questions as the UN investigation begins.
The article that Magnus wrote for Swedish publications explains further and is translated for your review in the section below.
{extraneous matters deleted, continues}
UN starts investigation to ban cyber torture
Magnus Olsson, Geneva, Switzerland
8 March, 2020

Friday, February 21, 2020


We did warn you with our first ever post YOU ARE A TARGETED INDIVIDUAL. 

Now with an unknown to science pathogen fatal to mankind inbound, we thought we'd share our preparation to ...


Ways to get #Winning with #HackTheTorture!

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Sunday, October 21, 2018

#HOWTO Avoid #Cancer Using #SUPPLEMENTS

What is the difference that makes the difference in outcomes in TI's lives? 

Taking LONG-TERM survival seriously, EARLY, is we believe, KEY.

That's not to say if you're a TI survivor already this page is not for you, it is too!

You see, the real truth is no matter where you are in your targeted individual journey, some things, you MUST take seriously and top of that list is your PHYSICAL HEALTH.

Healthy body, healthy mind.  Notice the order.  FIRST, we must stay PHYSICALLY WELL.

If you've not already read our recommendations on surviving Radio-Frequency & Microwave Warfare and the Nano-Chemtrail Holocaust read both those pages FIRST, and act on the information there FIRST.  If you've already got yourself on the appropriate supplements covered there, this page is for you!  How to survive the next phase of the GENOCIDE:

How To Avoid Cancer - Recommended Supplements

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