Sunday, October 21, 2018

#HOWTO Avoid #Cancer Using #SUPPLEMENTS

What is the difference that makes the difference in outcomes in TI's lives? 

Taking LONG-TERM survival seriously, EARLY, is we believe, KEY.

That's not to say if you're a TI survivor already this page is not for you, it is too!

You see, the real truth is no matter where you are in your targeted individual journey, some things, you MUST take seriously and top of that list is your PHYSICAL HEALTH.

Healthy body, healthy mind.  Notice the order.  FIRST, we must stay PHYSICALLY WELL.

If you've not already read our recommendations on surviving Radio-Frequency & Microwave Warfare and the Nano-Chemtrail Holocaust read both those pages FIRST, and act on the information there FIRST.  If you've already got yourself on the appropriate supplements covered there, this page is for you!  How to survive the next phase of the GENOCIDE:

How To Avoid Cancer - Recommended Supplements

We've been researching hard this past week and a half, into any substance available WITHOUT a prescription that YOU can along with us, take, to AVOID GETTING CANCER.  The truth is (covered e.g. via this amazing resource:   ) is that if you're on earth anywhere, but especially anywhere in the United States of America, you're in DEEP TROUBLE WITH RADIATION right now; readings are off the charts already and have been for some time in MOST US CITIES.  Worse, the EMF warfare going on all around you ALSO CAUSES CANCERS.  Delay no more!  Save your own life ...  As the government so clearly wants you dead.  A list of immediate ways you can start to REDUCE YOUR RISK of getting many different types of cancer using non-prescription supplements:

HackTheTorture.com – Choose To Survive! v.1.0


1 Black Seed Oil 350mg, 120 softgels (1 x bottle) £8.49 11.14
2 Oil of Oregano 1500mg, 150 softgels (1 x bottle) £3.08 4.04
3 Turmeric & Black Pepper 1000mg & 5mg, 90 Capsultes (1 x bottle) £11.58 15.19
4 Garlic & Cayenne Pepper 500mg & 250 mg , 180 softgels (1 x bottle) £8.49 11.14
5 Ginger 550mg, 180 Capsules (1 x bottle ) £2.70 3.54
6 Suma Root (Powder) 500mg, 100 Capsules (1 x bottle) £7.18 9.42
7 Ashwagandha 460mg, 120 Capsules (2 x bottles) £9.11 11.95
8 EGCG Green Tea Standardized Extract £8.88 11.65
9 IP-6 Inositol Hexaphosphate £8.95 11.74
10 AHCC, 500mg, 60 Capsultes (1 month supply) £38.61 50.64
11 Rice Bran £6.02 7.90

Grand Total £113.09 £148.33

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