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#HOWTO Recover From #NANO Holocaust

Recover from symptoms of electronic harassment and electronic warfare, gangstalking, V2K, remote neural monitoring and more, with the handy hacks on this page, supplied by 'lookoutfacharlie'  Here in detail, dealing with the Nano-Biological-Chemical CHEMTRAIL WARFARE NASTIES!  NEW: download the cheat-sheet

Morgellons and Targeting; SOLUTIONS!


Quit using laundry detergent and always use a dryer.

You will bathe with at LEAST five cups of epsom salt in the bath every day. You MUST stay in for at LEAST 30-40 minutes. Keep the water as hot as you can stand it. If you can afford to use more Epsom, do it. While in the tub, rub your shins, legs, sides and all other parts of your body with your hands. Usually, between 4 to 7 days, you will start to peel from the baths. It will resemble a sunburn. This is the first sign that this practically invisible fungus/glue/film which has been on your for years is starting to break up. Don't stop. Keep taking the baths and washing this off. Use something so that the tub drains slowly. Collect what is in the tub (gross, right?). You want to analyze it with a magnifier or jeweler's loupe. You will see what is trapped against your real skin by the layers of this stuff. Now you are on your way to ridding yourself of your symptoms."

Our comment: available for around GBP 18 for 25 KG from Amazon suppliers.


Use it in your laundry, use a cup in the shower to wash with. You can mix it with Palm Olive anti-bacterial dish soap with L-Lactic acid. You can also drink BORAX/BORON. It's an anti-fungal and pulls things from the system. Only use a teaspoon or two in 32 ounces of water. The truth about Borax is that it's only slightly more toxic than table salt."

Our comment: available for around GBP 10.50 for 2 KG from Amazon suppliers.


If you need to use soap, use old school original Dial soap. Made with Lye."

Our comment: hard to find (at least for UK supply) a soap made with only Lye (and for the skin-sensitive like me, perhaps too caustic also).  A lot of digging around today, got me to a Tea Tree Oil *and* Green Tea soap bar available in Holland and Barrett for GBP £3.49 on special at the time of writing (second bar half price) equals two bars for GBP £5.23 which works out at £2.62/bar!  I was first tempted by a cheaper bar with just Tea Tree Oil added (cost: GBP £1.99) until I read some scientific research on the anti-fungal properties of Green Tea: 90% growth inhibition of tested strains of C. albicansShort story: you want the more expensive Tea Tree Oil AND Green Tea version!


Antibacterial dish soap with L-Lactic Acid. Use it on dishes, in the shower and as a way to shock this stuff. If you put this on a troubled area and just let it sit there, it will start to dry up and harden. 2-5 days later, if it is bad enough, it can break off in shards. I've included a picture from when I was first treating myself. That broken stuff is the film. My real skin is underneath. That's my armpit. I knew there was something on my skin. But no one else could see it. After I killed that spot, I never got another twitch, thumping, pulsing, zap or vibration in that area again. Same goes for the rest of my body. Hot photo, right?"

Our comment:  this seems to be NOT available in the UK, check if you can get it your place here.  No idea if this is simply unavailable or if it's actually banned in the UK.  If you find out or learn what's going on please let us know via @HackTheTorture on Twitter.


It's a fungicide. You mix 4 ounces to a gallon of water. Spray it on yourself. In the shower is good. Get yourself as soaked and water logged as you can in the shower or bath...then spray it on everywhere. You can use it in the tub as well or use it WHILE you are in the shower too."

Our comment: available for around GBP 10.00 for 250 ml from Amazon suppliers.  Lime Sulphur Dip decomposes over time (and quite quickly), thus buying a large amount = a large waste of money.  Get just what you need, and get it fresh, every time.  Use straight-away upon arrival, use until gone!

"Weaker / Sleep with it on kind of stuff


Works on the face and everywhere else at night. Good to sleep with.


Contains oils that break this fungus down. Not so hardcore...but good to sleep with."



It's a liquid clay. You drink it with water. This stuff is amazing. It acts like a magnet a draws all of this stuff out of the gut. Worth it's weight in gold. Use it everyday. The first week may make you a little sick...but after that, it's just like drinking milk or anything else."

Our comment: available for around GBP 17.00 for 250 mg from Amazon suppliers.

"bentonite clay was found to be highly effective at killing MRSA as well as Salmonella, E. Coli and others. What is promising as research continues in this area is that depending on the method in which the clay kills the infection, it may not be possible for the MRSA or other bacteria to develop a resistance to it as it does with antibiotics."
And note, if effective against nano, that might be in ways the nano cannot adapt to! :)


Drink a shot or more every day."

Our comment:  just bought over the counter in Sainsbury here in the UK 'Aspall Raw Organic Apple Cyber Vinegar" GBP £2.60/500ml; looks like at a shot a day (UK = 25ml, USA = 44ml, let's use 35ml) that's 500/35 = 14 days supply (GBP 0.182 /day) or around GBP 5.46 a month.  You can buy Aspall Raw Organic Apple Cyder Vinegar in near wholesale quantities: 5 L available here on special at GBP 14.90 = 142 day supply working out much cheaper at GBP 0.10/day; almost half the price.

POTASSIUM IODIDE (Iodine) Pills or Drops

Use them. I use the drops daily as maintenance.


This is the killer. You will use this to treat Sporotrichosis or Lymphatic Sporotrichosis which is part of the fungal infection you have. Research how to treat Sporotrichosis with Potassium Iodide. You will get your dosages there. This is the assassin that takes care of this infection for good. You will just do maintenance after this. However, it's always good to either use a little or keep some around just in case."

Our comment:  we dug this up on dosage:

When using pure potassium iodide crystals (PA), the correct formula for a final volume of 100 mL is 100 g of salt to 70 mL of distilled water or 50 g of salt to 35 mL of water if the desired final volume is 50 mL.
Considering a standard dropper in which each drop has a volume of 0.05 mL, there will be 0.07 g of KI per drop (1.42 g/mL) in the solution. Thus, by administering 20 drops of the solution 3x/day, the daily intake of potassium iodide is approximately 4g. It is also possible to use the concentrated solution, in which there is 1g of potassium iodide in each mL of water. However, if we consider the same drop volume of 0.05 mL, the daily dose taken by administering 20 drops 3x/day will be 3g.
The studies on dosage recommendation are based on the most classic indication, that is, on the treatment of sporotrichosis.  


Take a good magnesium supplement."  See our recommended pill/supplier on this page.


A good chewable would be best considering everything else that we're pushing through our system."

We spent many hours tracking down the best multi-vitamin/mineral to fit in with everything else.


All you can get"  See Multi-Vitamin/Mineral suggested above; contains ALL B vitamins.


Single celled algae superfood with a split cell wall. Tastes like fish food smells. But is excellent for you. Regenerates you. My Mom introduced me to it when I was a kid. She was ahead of her time."

Our comment: our emphasis supplied, below.
"Four reasons to try chlorella
To boost immunity
In one Korean study, published in Nutrition Journal, 51 healthy adults were given 5g a day for eight weeks. At the end of the trial, their bodies had increased levels of immune proteins known to help defend against bacteria.
For a natural detox
Chlorella has long been thought to have a detoxifying effect on the body. In particular, it’s shown to have an ability to bind to harmful heavy metals, which are then flushed out of the body naturally in waste. In a Japanese study, published in The Journal of Toxicological Sciences, taking chlorella reduced mercury levels in body cells.
To look more youthful
If you’re after younger-looking skin (and who isn’t?), taking chlorella may be worth a punt. Studies suggest that consuming it can significantly raise the body’s antioxidant levels. These help protect against damaging free radicals caused by pollution and other environmental factors, and which can ultimately lead to ageing skin. Smokers who took 6g of the micro-algae daily had 44% more of the antioxidant vitamin C in their blood than those who took a placebo, according to one Korean study.
For weight loss
Taking chlorella may help you shed the pounds, as it appears to have an impact on how fat cells behave in the body. Chlorella helped to shrink fat cells and block the production of new ones, in one Korean study. In another Korean study, it was found to reduce levels of lipids (fats) in blood serum.
More research is needed in all these areas. However, as chlorella is low in calories, rich in nutrients including iron (vital for making healthy red blood cells), and high in protein, it’s potentially a great addition to any healthy balanced diet."
Update: arrived!

Chlorella 500mg x 6 per day!

Surprise, rather than smell like a garden pond as expected, it actually smell a bit like boiled sweets!

Kills this stuff dead on the inside. Take geltabs. They can be popped with a needle and used on troubled spots of the skin."

Our comment: available from GBP 12.00 from Holland and Barrett in the UK.  And when you look into this you know there's no bullshit:

"Does oregano kill fungus?
In fact, oregano oil benefits are superior to prescription antibiotics, as it has powerful antifungal properties. Not only can oil of oregano kill fungus, it can kill mold and other causes of candida within your system too.
Update: arrived!

Oregano Oil - Anti-Fungal!


Get capsules. Take a couple a day."

Our comment:  available in the USA for USD 9.00 200 x 99 mg capsules.


Wonder mineral. Even pulls heavy metals and flouride from as deep as your bones. But the main reason is that this is a fungicide. Use it. Contrary to popular belief, Borax is only slightly more toxic than table salt. So you can take it right out of the box too. Just don't over-do it.

Our comment: available from GBP 6.69 for 100 3mg pills from Holland and Barrett.

"Can boron increase testosterone?
The proper dosage of Boron is 3-10mg per day. ... In fact, there is a study that showed 10mg of Boron per day for 7 days has shown to increase freetestosterone by 28%, decrease estrogen levels by 39%, and increase DHT by 10%! Another study shows that taking 6mg of boron for 60 days increases testosterone levels by 29%.


"Boron is key to antifungal agent"

Source:  Royal Society for Chemistry



Gargle with mouthwash. Gargle with borax. Just a little. Don't over-do this stuff. Trust me. I've bled and suffered for these experiments. Over-doing it doesn't speed anything up. You'll just get sicker from the Herx reaction."

All quoted text above, source:


NEWdownload the cheat-sheet

From the above list two easy to start out with leapt out at me, Epsom Salts and Bentonite, thus, getting going with inside AND out, with just two products to start with, got us to:


"Bentonite Clay Detox

The easiest way to ingest Bentonite clay is to simply mix half a teaspoon of it into a glass of water, and drink it down. Luckily, Bentonite clay is mostly odorless and tasteless.

Start slowly, and track the effects. You can try half a teaspoon for a while, see how you feel, and gradually work your way up to a full teaspoon per day. To make sure you mix the Bentonite clay well, it’s ideal to use a water bottle with a lid; then you can shake it up before drinking.

Some people have a Bentonite clay drink every day as a tonic for better health. Others prefer to only have one sporadically; they do a detox every few months. If you start ingesting a good deal of clay but aren’t used to it, you might experience a few detox symptoms (e.g., headaches and fatigue) as your body removes the toxins. So it’s best to start gradually, and see how your body reacts."



NEWdownload the cheat-sheet

Update 1: same day

Received in via twitter from @TI_proof

And likewise, suggested as the best resource at the moment on youtube for nano-cleaning you:


NEWdownload the cheat-sheet

Update 2: same day

"Signs and Symptoms of Heavy Metal Poisoning

Some of the most common warning signs that you might be struggling with heavy metal toxicity include:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Autoimmune diseases, including Lyme’s disease
  • Poor recovery from exercise and weakness
  • Skin irritation
  • Neurological disorders
  • Brain-fog, trouble concentrating, difficulty learning and poor memory
  • Depression, manic depression and/or anxiety
  • Dementia
  • Insomnia
  • Digestive issues, such as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)
  • Chronic aches and pains, such as those associated with fibromyalgia
  • Tremors
  • Impaired motor control, hearing, speech, vision and gait
  • Anemia
  • Higher risk for heart attacks"


NEWdownload the cheat-sheet includes items that detox heavy metals!

Update 3: 22nd September 2018

This video got sent in.

Note promotes site http://www.morgellonscure.com/ which has plenty more ideas to get you going and getting morgellons free!

NEWdownload the cheat-sheet

Update 4: 24th September 2018

Other suggestions kindly sent in via @WRGrantham1

Chaga Mushroom/Extract

Our comment: best prices buy 2 at a time, available from:

Chaga Mushroom | Chaga Mushroom, 600 mg, 90 Capsules, 2 Bottles

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver Liquid 10 ppm, 8 fl oz (237 mL) Bottles, 2 Bottles

Bioplasma (12 salts)

"For extra protection add Bioplasma (12 cell salts), for essential minerals , which we don't acquire in our food anymore. Helps rebuild blood cells"

Our comment, we already use Himalayan Salt as table salt (88 trace minerals). Take your pick, but pick up on the point that RE-MINERALISATION is what we're attempting here. :)

Update 5: 27th September 2018

"look at what has been verified to be in the chemtrails mixture:

  1. Aluminum Oxide Particles
  2. Arsenic
  3. Bacilli and Molds
  4. Barium Salts
  5. Barium Titanates
  6. Cadmium
  7. Calcium
  8. Chromium
  9. Desiccated Human Red Blood Cells
  10. Ethylene Dibromide
  11. Enterobacter Cloacal
  12. Enterobacteriaceae
  13. Human white Blood Cells-A (restrictor enzyme used in research labs to snip and combine DNA)
  14. Lead
  15. Mercury
  16. Methyl Aluminum
  17. Mold Spores
  18. Mycoplasma
  19. Nano-Aluminum-Coated Fiberglass
  20. Nitrogen Trifluoride
  21. Known as CHAFF)
  22. Nickel
  23. Polymer Fibers
  24. Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
  25. Pseudomonas Florescens
  26. Radioactive Cesium
  27. Radio Active Thorium
  28. Selenium
  29. Serratia Marcscens
  30. Sharp Titanium Shards
  31. Silver
  32. Streptomyces
  33. Stronthium
  34. Sub-Micron Particles(Containing Live Biological Matter)
  35. Unidentified Bacteria
  36. Uranium
  37. Yellow Fungal Mycotoxins"



And also from the last above source, Clif High, we have these suggestions:

Alternatively pop all the below as recommended by Clif High into a shopping basket with this link and conveniently buy all of the below with the best discount available!

Breathe Capsules: Host Defense® Mushrooms

Equal parts Cordyceps, Reishi and Chaga:

Our comment: $31.95 / 60 day supply with the above, but read on for better value.  We went shopping basket populating on your behalf.  Buy all three mushrooms separately, in better-value 2 bottles each deals = DOUBLE better value! Simply take one of each soft-gel = super-boosting chemie-killing, long-term, life-saving supply, secured and the very best prices I can find!

Buy 3 = http://tinyurl.com/ycfujbkg

Aashwagandha (Withania Somnifera)

A general tonic used extensively for thousands of years in ayurvedic medicine. Good for brain and lungs, as well as aiding sleep and providing energy. 

Some effects also in removing metals from the colon

"brain imaging research in persons affected by RF/EMR "showed evidence of traumatic brain injury"


 "Withania Somnifera Extract Protects Model #Neurons from In Vitro Traumatic Injury"


Buy = https://goo.gl/a4FhPA

Our comment: $18.00 or so, for a 30 day supply (at 1500mg taken by way of 3 x 500mg capsules):

Suma Root (Powder) 

Used as lung and muscle support. Also provides nerve and blood boosting properties. Another adaptogenic substance like ashwaganda, Suma root is also a good bronchial support with mild dilation properties. It is very very good for expelling material from the lungs. Should NOT be combined with either the black seed oil or the Breathe formula as you will be doubling up on effects creating a harsher response in your system that could be damaging. Suma root combines very well for some body types with Ashwaganda or Ginseng. Note Ginseng is a great tonic, but seems to provide fewer specific benefits over either Suma or Ashwaganda.

Suma is known to produce long lasting effects in both musculature and core systemic functions. These include gall bladder, liver, and intestinal function. Note that unlike Black Seed Oil below, Suma does not cause biome depletion (won't kill off your good gut bacteria). Suma is also an anti-tumor agent, and provides a host of other benefits, many of which will be beneficial to how your body reacts to chemtrails, especially if over 55. However, as with all supplements or any thing at all for that matter, check with reliable sources for contra indications with your medicines already in your system...not only the ones you are taking. As an example, Suma, and many of the other tonics are known to adjust your blood sugar, and blood pressure. So if taking medicines for those, be advised that tonics in general, and suma root in particular may well make those meds work faster or 'better'.

Buy = http://tinyurl.com/ydgupugp

Black Seed Oil *(episodic, not a daily tonic).

Black seed oil should be taken as a teaspoon or more of the oil on the top of a cup of hot liquid such as tea. Coffee is ok to use as well, but note you should not have dairy with your black seed oil as it will bind up many of the oils' good qualities in the milk and they will not be absorbed properly. Black teas seem to work best as carriers of black seed oil as they provide a synergistic effect with the caffeine. Black seed oil is best used for controlling episodes of 'chemie asthma'. Black seed oil is a bronchial dilator and will open and release tensions in the lungs. Black seed oil is also anti-tumor and is a general energy boosting substance. Note to take plenty of probiotics as black seed oil can deplete your gut biome. Black seed oil is THE place to start for assistance with many forms of cancer as well.

"A review on therapeutic potential of Nigella sativa: A miracle herb"

Best value we could find around; Black Seed Oil 350 mg 2 Bottles x 120 Softgels! 

Alternatively pop all the above as recommended by Clif High into a shopping basket with this link and conveniently buy all of the above with the best discount available!

Brain Repair (use only after deep research etc)

DMAE bitartrate



Buy all three of the above HEAVILY DISCOUNTED: six months supply here!

Update 6: 3rd October 2018

Julian Assange's last word's "Intelligent Evil Dust, it's everywhere in everything" ... cut off air!

Good luck!   More general resources, below.

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