Wednesday, August 8, 2018

HOW TO: Defence To #MachineLearning #AI

Tonight's simple task, get as many people all over the world, to take these three steps towards greater freedom, TODAY!  Share the words in italics!

VIRAL #HackTheTorture Crypto-Recommendations

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3 =+

a) private/public #Encrypted Groups/chats
b) #encrypted voice/video calls!
c) #cloudfilestorage 8 GB FREE!

Get going with number 3 if nothing else for now; BOOK MARK THIS PAGE, we'll add more!

Collaborate with us MAKING these documents:

Defence: Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence 

Or start at the beginning of the Wiki:  https://kune.cc/#!htt.wiki.75633

If you like this information given free, support more COLLABRATION RESOURCES to be published for ANYONE to use, to create more OPEN LICENCE CONTENT on this subject:


Content, like this, just posted in the WeMe above! :)

BONUS The Morgellons and Artificial Intelligence Connection : Kandy Griffin @ Phoenix Rising

Today's requested task from #HTT post these 10 SOCIAL MEDIA SHARES, EVERYWHERE; instant messaging, chatrooms, out to email lists; post it to ANYWHERE it wouldn't be considered SPAM: Twitter sized bytes!
If you have a website rip the links below to YOUR SITE! Let's get the WORLD to hear the WORD of the TORTURED, MURDERED, TARGETED TI's; let's make this the most viral page on earth on the subject of Targeted Individuals and the SOLUTIONS."
Originally appeared at:
Source: Free Resources For Targeted Individuals

Bonus 1!

Bonus 2!


Ways to get #Winning with #HackTheTorture!

Tweet this, share on Facebook, other social media, email, IRC, Instant messaging, post on relevant news-boards/email lists, etc, etc, etc, GET BUSY!

1 Register: https://kune.cc/#!register & Join https://kune.cc/#!htt #HTT
2 Register: https://mewe.com/join/hackthetorture.com_public
3 Subscribe: http://feeds.feedburner.com/HackTheTorture Don't miss posts.
4 Read AND *contribute* https://kune.cc/#!htt.wiki 
5 Promo>@HackTheTorture retweet

Send it to family and friends, anyone who doesn't want to get tortured by the FOURTH REICH ON STEROIDS!

Share our Top 10 Educational Resources

10 https://www.hackthetorture.com/2018/07/how-to-hack-torture-shielding-manual.html

Let's hang #gangstalkers they're #terrorists

RATIFY THE TREATY: http://itnj.org 

Let's hang #satelliteterrorism terrorists, they're terrorists too!


  1. this website is a breath of fresh air. im a targeted individual. i plan to fight back! thx.

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