Wednesday, July 25, 2018

LAUNCHED: #HackTheTorture Global Collaborative Community + #AffidavitDatabase


Dr Katherine Horton (Stop007.org) is meant to be releasing her final affidavit template instructions tomorrow. 

Please urgently:
  1. see the final affidavit template & instructions of Dr Katherine Horton:  https://stop007.org/home/burning-down-the-house/affidavit-collection/  
  2. Create your affidavit in accordance with the instructions given by Dr Horton and distribute it as she instructs.  
  3. ALSO UPLOAD your affidavit into Hack The Torture Public Community (into the documents section) and tag it with your JURISDICTION, when you upload it (what the techies call 'mirror' your affidavit on our server resources).
RESULT:  a searchable BY JURISDICTION index of ALL the affidavits: get going, 'Participate':


Please also join by clicking the participate button above (takes 2 minutes); you're just about to get an education into how this planet runs, that will shock you to your very core AND BEYOND.

Your help is needed: as the EVIDENCE piles in ... #HackTheTorture using the resources for collaboration (all of which I've made available) inside the Hack The Torture Public Community!

Awaiting you inside: 

"Feature list[edit]

  • All the functionalities of Apache Wave, that is collaborative federated real-time editing, plus
  • Communication
    • Chat and chatrooms compatible with Gmail and Jabber through XMPP (with several XEP extensions), as it integrates Emite[39]
    • Social networking (federated)
  • Real-time collaboration for groups in:
    • Documents: as in Google Docs
    • Wikis
    • Lists: as in Google Groups but minimizing emails, through waves
    • Group Tasks
    • Group Calendar: as in Google Calendar, with ical export
    • Group Blogs
    • Web-creation: aiming to publish contents directly on the web (as in WordPress, with a dashboard and public view) (in development)
    • Bartering: aiming to decentralize bartering as in eBay
  • Advanced email
    • Waves: aims to replace most uses of email
    • Inbox: as in email, all your conversations and documents in all kunes are controlled from your inbox
    • Email notifications (Projected: replies from email)
  • Multimedia & Gadgets
    • Image or Video galleries integrated in any doc
    • Maps, mindmaps, Twitter streams, etc.
    • Polls, voting, events, etc.
    • and more via Apache Wave extensions, easy to program (as in Facebook apps, they run on top of Kune)
  • Federation
    • Distributed Social Networking the same way as e-mail: from one inbox you control all your activity in all kunes, and you can collaborate with anyone or any group regardless of the kune where they were registered.
    • Interoperable with any Kune server or Wave-based system
    • Chat interoperable with any XMPP server
  • Usability
    • Strong focus on usability for any user
    • Animated tutorials for each tool
    • Drag&Drop for sharing contents, add users to a doc, change roles, delete contents, etc.
    • Shortcuts
  • Free culture
    • Developed using free software and released under AGPL
    • Easy assistant for choosing content licenses for groups. Default license is Creative Commons BY-SA.
  • Developer-friendly
    • Debian/Ubuntu package for easy installation
    • Wave Gadgets can be programmed in Java+GWT, JavaScript or Python "

  Ways to get #Winning with #HackTheTorture!

Tweet this, share on Facebook, other social media, email, IRC, Instant messaging, post on relevant news-boards/email lists, etc, etc, etc, GET BUSY! 

1 Register: https://kune.cc/#!register & Join https://kune.cc/#!htt #HTT
2 Register: https://mewe.com/join/hackthetorture.com_public
3 Subscribe: http://feeds.feedburner.com/HackTheTorture Don't miss posts.
4 Read AND *contribute* https://kune.cc/#!htt.wiki 
5 Promo>@HackTheTorture retweet

Send it to family and friends, anyone who doesn't want to get tortured by the FOURTH REICH ON STEROIDS!

Share our Top 10 Educational Resources

10 https://www.hackthetorture.com/2018/07/how-to-hack-torture-shielding-manual.html

Let's hang #gangstalkers they're #terrorists

RATIFY THE TREATY: http://itnj.org 

Let's hang #satelliteterrorism terrorists, they're terrorists too!

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